Despacito – Chavacano Version Project

We had this little project with our friends, Philip Hamoy, Bobby Piedad and Dexter Ando.   We created a Parody of Despacito by Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee.

We used Sony Vegas 12 in editing the videos and Adobe Audition in creating the audio.  It was lot of fun and we enjoyed doing this little parody project.  The song is about Zamboanga City, our home town, exhibiting the beauty of our city from nature, tradition, tribes, foods and people.   The title of the song is Zamboangueno which means “Residents or people of Zamboanga City”.  Though we have diverse cultures or ethnicity, and we speak different dialects, still we live in peace and harmony.  Below is a transcript of the song: [Read more…]

Top Rated and 100% Job Success Rate In Upwork

Top Rated Status in Upwork

Finally, after 3 years of giving web development, video editing, video animation services online, I was awarded with the Top Rated Status in  Indeed, diligence and honesty coupled with hard work thus give a very rewarding result.

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Advanced Video Editing with After Effects – Scatter Video Effect

In this video, I asked my daughter to do a quick video to showcase an Adobe After Effects Video scatter effects.  The video scatter effect is a built-in module plugin inside Adobe After Effects CC and allows you to easily create the similar effect as shown in the video.

There were two effects used, the masking and scatter effect to create this video.

Creating advanced video effects is exciting using Adobe After Effects because it allows you to easily create animations and video effects with the built-in plugins and modules.

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How to draw realistic eyes on whiteboard

In this video, Marlon – our tattoo and web artist and SMM performs a step by step procedure on How to draw realistic eye.

The drawing was done on a whiteboard using a marker.
We are used to draw on computers in creating whiteboard animation but this time we did it actual on a real Whiteboard.

This is intended to demonstrate his skills in drawing and our skills in editing videos.

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How To Draw Naruto – Enald Performs his whiteboard Animation skills.

In this video, Enald – our Web Developer and web artist performs a step by step procedure on How to Draw Naruto Shippuden.

The drawing was done on a whiteboard using a marker.  This is intended to demonstrate his skills in drawing specially in creating whiteboard animations.

We are used to draw on computers in creating whiteboard animation but this time we did it on actual real Whiteboard.

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Video Editing and Green Screen Effects – Boy Attacked by a dragon

While having fun, we have thought of creating a video using Chroma Keying on Sony Vegas 11 Editing Software.  Rameses (boy attacked by the dragon) was actually holding a white paper on top of his chest.  It was then Keyed (white spaces removed) so that the next layer of video will be visible behind him.

This video was done very quickly and was not taken on a green screen.  It was pure editing technique and manual masking.

The video could have been better but we just want to create a quick demo about Chroma Keying and video editing.

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Free whiteboard animation to make someone happy!

CTI-TeamCTI Media Services recently launched a free whiteboard animation service for everybody who wants to send a special message to someone through whiteboard animation.

Creating a whiteboard animation requires work and time.  However, this doesn’t limit us to offer such service to people because results are much more rewarding than any material things. [Read more…]

Five Important Tips to consider for Good Web Design – Become a better Web Designer

If you want to learn about web design, this article was written for you. You are going to learn what it may take to get started if you want to get into webdesign, but you will also get some solid, general website design information as well. Regardless of your level of experience, learning more about website design will benefit you.  Web design is not just about logo, graphics and something that our eyes can see.  I have listed some important tips that I personally consider in designing or developing a website. [Read more…]