Free whiteboard animation to make someone happy!

CTI-TeamCTI Media Services recently launched a free whiteboard animation service for everybody who wants to send a special message to someone through whiteboard animation.

Creating a whiteboard animation requires work and time.  However, this doesn’t limit us to offer such service to people because results are much more rewarding than any material things.

Our Passion

Our goal is to make someone smile after receiving a customized video animation that carries a very special message from someone very special too.  It is worth our hard works and patience to see people pleased and happy with what we do.  It is not just showing them what we can do, but it is a service that we love to do to make a difference in this world.    This is something priceless!


How it works:

1.   We accept and approve scripts

2.   We create the video based on the script

3.   We publish the video on our youtube channel

4.   Subscribers will be notified that the video is up for them to use

5.   The video can then be published to facebook or send via email to people they want to share it with.